Fiona McKenzie

Conference paper

Skilled workers in Ballarat and Bendigo: why did they choose a regional location and are they likely to stay?

Capital cities like Melbourne continue to attract the majority of State population growth. This can create challenges for attracting skilled workers to, and retaining them in, regional locations. This paper reports on a survey of more than 1200 professional workers in the Victorian regional cities...
Journal article

Understanding Regional Skill Shortages: A Review of Recent Australian Government Policy

In recent years, the issue of regional skills shortages has received growing attention among policy makers in Australia. This attention has come from a variety of agencies, such as those dealing with: regional development, industry and employment, training and education. There is also interest from...
Conference paper

Trajectories of change: how regional communities adapt to the closure of a major industry

Primary industries such as forestry and dairy have responded to economic change over the past four decades. Associated secondary industries such as sawmills and dairy processing factories have also been affected by such change. Globalisation and the reduction of trade barriers have brought greater competitive...

The Drying Lake - Lake Boga's experience of change and uncertainty

The town of Lake Boga in northern Victoria experienced the loss of its lake in early 2008 due to ongoing drought conditions. This lake was central to the town's recreation and tourism industry and formed a defining point of identity for residents and visitors. The...

Regional Victoria - Trends and Prospects

This report aims to provide an overview of demographic change in regional (non-metropolitan) Victoria. It explores, not only the change in population numbers but also the components of population change and the economic, social and environmental factors influencing this change
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