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Victorian government response to the VEAC's assessment of Victoria's Coastal Reserves final report

The Victorian Environmental Assessment Council’s (VEAC) Assessment of Victoria’s Coastal Reserves final report was tabled in Parliament on 18 June 2020. This is the Victorian government’s response, as required by section 26G of the Victorian Environmental Assessment Council Act 2001.

‘We want it to work’: understanding household experiences with new energy technologies in Australia

New energy technologies are coming to market faster than regulatory frameworks can adapt, exposing users (and non-users) to new forms of risks and costs. This report considers the implications associated with ‘responsibilising’ householders for new types of involvement in the energy system.

Victoria's water in a changing climate

Victoria’s water resources are under pressure from increasing demand and decreasing supply. This research report examines how the climate has and will continue to change, and the impacts on Victoria’s water resources, allowing better preparation for the future.
Discussion paper

Preparing a regional climate change adaptation strategy for greater Melbourne

Climate projections for Greater Melbourne indicate that temperatures will continue to increase - there will be more frequent and longer heat waves, increased severity and duration of bushfires, worsening air pollution, less frosts and a decline in rainfall. This discussion paper has been released as...

Stay in play: recreation reserves and climate change workshop

This initiative provided a free workshop and information regarding best-practice principles for turf maintenance around recreation reserves, in drought affected rural areas. The workshop is specifically aimed at sports clubs and sport reserve Committees of Management.