Susan Kinnear

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Simplified assessment of the regional economic impacts of interruption to transport corridors with application to the 2011 Queensland floods

The focus of this study was on the economic costs of closures to transport corridors from flood waters at Rockhampton in January 2011. Two approaches have been used to provide for a simplified assessment of the economic impacts of the road closures. The first was...

Rockhampton Regional Industry Profile: identifying opportunities for innovation clustering

Regional business and industry are critical players in regional innovation systems, yet there is currently no reliable way to assess the actual makeup of these entities in regional Australia. This project set out to provide a comprehensive and current business audit for the Rockhampton region...

Regional Advantage and Innovation: Achieving National Outcomes

Regional areas are key building blocks of society in many countries. This compilation uses Australian case study examples to demonstrate how regional areas are uniquely well-placed to contribute to national goals in innovation, infrastructure provision, water and food security, environmental sustainability, industry diversification, healthy and...
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Populating regional Australia: What are the impacts of non-resident labour force practices on demographic growth in resource regions?

Resource-based activity provides a strong stimulus to local economies, largely through the high incomes paid to employees in the resources sector, plus the large levels of expenditure through supporting business chains. However, the role that resource development plays in driving regional population dynamics remains poorly...
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Perceptions of Innovation from Australian SMEs: A regional perspective

This chapter describes the results of an Australian national survey undertaken in late 2011, with the specific focus of innovation in regional areas. The data reflects information from over 500 respondents from small and medium sized business across the full range of industry categories. The...
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