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Older people and the internet

The change in policy focus from basic (i.e. dial up) Internet infrastructure to broadband network provision may lead one to assume that all is done as far as basic Internet provision is concerned especially for people in urban areas. However the assumption that with the...
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Indefeasible rights of use amidist the capacity boom

This paper considers indefeasible rights of use (IRUs) against a backdrop of the heightened submarine cable construction and upgrade activity currently being undertaken in the transPacific region. In the first part, this paper looks at the ever-increasing consumer demand for capacity and the response by...
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Regulation and business modelling in a fully converged digital environment

In the digital age, what is 'television', what is 'radio'? Is there any continuing utility in describing the 'print media' as the 'print media', when its activities are increasingly online, the 'print' element is becoming increasingly peripheral1 and the more significant issues generally relate to...
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Looking for new answers in old methods: The independent press and the solutions they offer to the 'crisis of content'

An increasing number of researchers are investigating the growth of independent, alternative, community, and radical media globally _ at a time when both the academy and practitioners are concerned about the changing nature of news, independent media outlets seems to be offering a return to...
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Maintaining relevance: Cultural diversity and the case for Public Service Broadcasting

SBS has been the subject of some heated debates about funding models, commercial activity, perceived 'populism' and the continued relevance of publicly funded media. These debates and challenges are not unique to SBS or to Australia. Public Service Broadcasting (PSB) in many contexts is facing...