Australian Family Physician

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You should get that mole checked out: ethical and legal considerations of the unsolicited clinical opinion

This article describes the legal, ethical and professional considerations surrounding proffering a dermatological opinion in the case of suspected melanoma outside the clinical setting.
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Eczema management in school-aged children

This article describes how eczema manifests in school-aged children, focusing on when to suspect triggers and how to manage these from a general practice perspective, and when to refer the child on to specialist services.
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Depression in children

This article provides general practitioners with a framework for considering major depressive disorder in a child and recommendations for treatment.
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Acne in adolescents

Acne vulgaris affects more than 90% of Australian adolescents aged 16–18 years, but there are many treatment options available.
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Growth disorders in adolescents

This article provides a guide for clinicians to categorise growth patterns in adolescents and recognise patients who may have a growth disorder.