​NSW Custody Statistics quarterly update June 2017

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This report presents 24 months of reception, discharge and custody population data and comparisons between the current and previous quarter for age, gender, indigenous status, most serious offence and the average length of stay.

Separate figures are presented for juveniles and adults.

The counting unit is a custodial episode. An individual will be counted multiple times in a period if they have multiple custodial episodes in that period.


The data in this report are extracted from the Corrective Services NSW (CSNSW) Offender Integrated Management System (OIMS) and the Juvenile Justice NSW (JJNSW) Client Information Management System (CIMS).

The adult custody population figures include only those persons held in gazetted correctional centres managed by CSNSW. This includes: persons managed as forensic patients, persons held after expiry of their sentence awaiting deportation and persons awaiting extradition to another jurisdiction. Persons in the Special Purpose Centre at Long Bay Correctional Centre are not included.

In addition to gazetted correctional centres, CSNSW manages a number of police/court cell complexes. This report excludes persons received into and then discharged from a CSNSW-managed 24 hour police/court cell complex without entering a gazetted correctional centre. Adults refused police bail but not held in a gazetted correctional centre are not included.

Custody population figures are counted as at midnight on the last day of the month or quarter as appropriate. Reception and discharge figures are those during each month or quarter as appropriate.

Refer to the Glossary at the back of the report for detailed descriptions of the terms used in the report.

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