Rare solutions: a time to act

Medicine Cancer Australia

There are many potential ways to improve access to cancer treatment options for RLC (Rare or Less Common) cancer patients, some more radical and feasible than others. In writing this report RCA focussed on recommendations that would lead to improvements for people with RLC cancers today and in the near future.

The following criteria were used to guide consultations with key stakeholders and the development of our recommendations in this report:

  • The primary focus is to improve access to safe and effective treatment options for people with RLC cancers;
  • Recommendations should first lead to immediate improvements but also provide guidance for the longer term perspective where relevant;
  • Potential improvements should be relevant for most, if not all RLC cancer types, with priority to be given to super rare and rare indications at all times where such prioritisation is necessary and accelerates outcomes;
  • Recommendations to address a broad range of challenges across the four major areas discussed in section 2 (R&D and clinical trials, linking information, market entry and affordable access);
  • Recommendations should work within existing Australian legislative structures and priorities (such as the Australian Health Technology Assessment fundamentals) and so should be fiscally responsible and not require major legislative change; and
  • Recommendations and actions should not focus on one stakeholder group taking all of the responsibility but should lead to a fair contribution and collaboration from all relevant stakeholders, including RLC cancer patients.
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