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The WA Cancer Plan 2020–2025 (the Plan) provides high level direction to guide the optimal delivery of cancer control and research to meet the needs of Western Australians impacted by cancer.

The Plan will continue the achievements of the WA Cancer Plan 2012–2017 and assist WA towards ensuring cancer services are well-coordinated, high quality and consumer focused. In addition, the Plan addresses the State Government’s commitment to deliver a long-term approach to cancer research.

Socioeconomic factors, health behaviours, cultural factors, genetic factors and the physical environment all play a role in health outcomes. As recognised by the Sustainable Health Review 2019 there is a need for the State Government to strengthen partnerships across sectors to address the complex factors that affect people’s health and wellbeing. This is particularly true for cancer where people’s experience of care is often delivered over a range of settings and services which can result in fragmentation of care.

The Plan aligns to a number of strategies and recommendations within the Sustainable Health Review 2019. The Plan supports cancer control and research organisations to embrace innovation and change, be outward looking and fit for the future and to build on partnerships – particularly with consumers.

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