Department of Health (WA)

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The burden and cost of excess body mass in Western Australian adults and children

Excess body mass causes significant personal, health care, and societal costs. This research finds that if population levels of overweight and obesity continue to climb, it is projected that the cost to the WA health system will increase by 80 per cent in the decade...

WA cancer plan 2020–2025

This strategy document provides high level direction to guide the optimal delivery of cancer control and research to meet the needs of Western Australians impacted by cancer. The plan supports cancer control and research organisations to embrace innovation and change, be outward looking and fit...

WA healthy weight action plan 2019-2024

This strategy document is a map for action over the next five years to support coordinated activity that will positively impact the early intervention and management of obesity in Western Australia.

WA Health digital strategy 2020–2030

This strategy document was developed in collaboration with an extensive group of stakeholders, including patients, carers and clinical and corporate Western Australian health system staff. It provides a phased plan for digital innovation, with the first two years of the strategy focussing on building technological...
Policy report

Western Australian women’s health and wellbeing policy

This policy document is the result of extensive consultation and considered commentary from a large number of organisations and individuals across the Western Australian health system and community. It aims to provide direction to the health system and its partners on how best to deliver...