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Uncovering the hidden costs and benefits from electric vehicles

This report outlines that transitioning Australia’s internal combustion engine vehicle fleet to electric vehicles will result in societal, environmental and economic benefits, that should be recognised and quantified in any discussions relating the to the costs and benefits of electric vehicles in Australia, including fuel...

Clever collaborations: the strong business case for partnering with universities

In recent years, right around the world, governments and policy makers have wrestled with how to lift collaboration between businesses and universities. There is a growing body of evidence that shows that when companies tap into the expertise of universities and their researchers, it boosts...

Stop talking about the future of work

We know emerging technologies will create job and task redundancies for employees in Australia and New Zealand. We know we need to change. But the problems, and opportunities, don’t lie somewhere off in the distance. They are here.

The university of the future: can the universities of today lead learning for tomorrow?

This report explores four divergent, yet plausible, views of Australia’s higher education landscape in 2030. Each scenario introduces different opportunities and threats that challenge our thinking, question our assumptions, and help us think more broadly about the future.

Modern slavery in Australian property, construction and infrastructure supply chains

Whilst the prevalence of modern slavery in Australia may seem low, there is a growing need for our property, construction and infrastructure organisations to be aware of the potential for modern slavery in their extended supply chains, understand the need for greater transparency, and work...