Global Compact Network Australia


2020 Pressures report: summer 2020 - Australia

This report outlines the key pressures facing businesses in 2020, and what companies can do to take advantage of the opportunities presented by the challenges in Australia's landscape to ensure their long-term viability.
Discussion paper

Why climate change and human rights are a business issue

The Global Compact Network Australia, the local network of the United Nations Global Compact, has released this discussion paper on climate change and human rights. The paper highlights the central role businesses play in determining whether or not global temperature increases can be limited to...

The Sustainable Development Goals - ‘Every Australian’s business’: a guide for senior leaders

This guide provides practical knowledge and tools for Australian businesses and the individuals who work with them to embrace a principles-based approach to tackle existing and future global challenges and contribute proactively to societal goals.

The Sustainable Development Goals - ‘Every Australian’s business’: a guide for employees

This guide brings together insights and experience from many individuals working in Australian companies that are leading in their commitments and actions to drive responsible and sustainable action and accountability within their workplaces.

Can government policies that drive strong economic outcomes for the private sector alleviate poverty?

This paper discusses how the adoption of pro-growth policies tends to result in lower levels of poverty, especially through opportunities for job creation. In particular, the paper calls for policies that promote greater access to credit and the protection of minority investors, in order to...