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Value in healthcare: mobilizing cooperation for health system transformation

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The “Value in Healthcare - Mobilizing cooperation for health system transformation” highlights three drivers of health system transformation:

New models for multi-stakeholder cooperation: A pilot project on preventing heart failure with 40 healthcare stakeholders in Atlanta has united efforts to focus on heart failure patients. The aim is to make Atlanta a national leader in the heart failure survival rate by 2022 while significantly improving quality of life and reducing the average cost per capita. The Atlanta pilot offers a model for organizing similar initiatives in other parts of the world.

New standards for health informatics: More precise and personalized healthcare requires access to disparate data sources in order to generate statistically significant findings. Individuals also expect access to a holistic view of their health data. Technological developments are making it possible to meet these informatics needs. However, global standards are a prerequisite to enabling providers, payers, researchers and policy-makers to learn from one another about what works and what does not. In this report, we outline the minimum set of informatics standards required to deliver the value-based healthcare revolution.

New directions for leadership: Healthcare leaders need to play an active role in transforming their organizations to improve value. They also need to articulate a vision that looks beyond the interests of their individual organizations to transform the system as a whole. Government leadership creates the broader policy, regulatory and legal framework needed to deliver healthcare value. Leadership can create a healthcare community in which best practices are shared and innovation can drive improvement of patient outcomes across nations.

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