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Invested: Australia’s Southeast Asia economic strategy to 2040

The Southeast Asian region presents a major opportunity for Australian business. The region and Australia share bright economic growth prospects, geographical proximity, and a need for trade diversification. Special Envoy for Southeast Asia, Nicholas Moore AO, led the development of this strategy to identify a...

Australia’s international development policy

This policy document presents a long-term vision for how Australia's development program will meet the critical needs of our partners, while also supporting Australia’s national interests and the interests shared with other countries in our region.

Independent review into the Afghan Locally Engaged Employee Program: final report

In 2012, the Australian government introduced a program to offer resettlement in Australia to eligible locally engaged Afghan employees, and their direct family members, at risk of harm due to their employment in support of Australia’s mission in Afghanistan. This report outlines the findings from...
Working paper

The digitalisation of social protection before and since the onset of COVID-19: opportunities, challenges and lessons

This paper discusses the main opportunities and challenges associated with digital social protection, drawing on trends pre-COVID and since the onset of the pandemic. It offers eight lessons to help social protection actors capitalise on technology’s potential in a risk-sensitive manner.

A blueprint for trade and investment with Indonesia

This document provides practical and strategic guidance for Australian businesses considering market opportunities in the Indonesian economy for the first time. It also helps Australian business take advantage of complementarities between the two economies, laws and regulations.