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The geography of Australia’s digital industries

Other authors
K. Trinh, H. Chen, A. Bratanova, C. Mason, H. Pham, S. Travis, R. Black
Australia’s digital technology clusters have been mapped and analysed on a national scale for the first time. This report brings together rich data from across the nation for the first time to map and describe the range of digital technology clusters currently developing.

Implementing Australia’s AI ethics principles: a selection of responsible AI practices and resources

This report explores some of the practical steps needed to implement the Australian government’s eight AI ethics principles, explaining each practice and its organisational context, including the roles that are key to successful implementation.

Australian silicon action plan

The global deployment of solar power technology, at increasing scale, will be critical to the success of the global energy transition. This report outlines the economic benefits available to Australia by investing in an integrated silicon and solar cell supply chain.

State of the climate 2022

This seventh biennial 'State of the climate' report draws on the latest national and international climate research, encompassing observations, analyses and future projections to describe year-to-year variability and longer-term changes in Australia’s climate.

Low emissions pathways for Queensland agrifood

Other authors
Katie Ricketts, Steve Brodie, Maren Strachan
This report identifies coordinated policy, research and development, and industry action to progress tenable options and catalyse new pathways of greenhouse gas reduction for Queensland agrifood.