Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO)


Growing Australia’s quantum technology industry

With the right support, CSIRO envisions that by 2040 Australia will maintain its globally competitive strengths in quantum technology research and development and develop a thriving quantum technology industry.
Discussion paper

Quantum technology discussion paper

This discussion paper summarises findings from CSIRO Futures’ initial consultation and desktop research into opportunities, challenges and enabling actions related to advancing the Australian quantum technology sector by supporting the translation of Australia’s quantum research.

Artificial Intelligence: solving problems, growing the economy and improving our quality of life

This report outlines the importance of action for Australia to capture the benefits of artificial intelligence (AI). It identifies strategies to help develop a national AI capability to boost the productivity of Australian industry, create jobs and economic growth, and improve the quality of life...

Australian National Outlook 2019

This report builds on the work of the first Australian National Outlook report published by the CSIRO in 2015. It is the culmination of two years of sophisticated integrated modelling and the expertise of many of Australia’s business, academic and non-profit leaders, to examine what...

Australian National Outlook 2015

To help ensure that the National Outlook modelling and interpretation are rigorous and based on the best available science, CSIRO marshalled a distinguished external review panel from Australian and international institutions, representing a broad range of relevant disciplines, in addition to rigorous internal review.