The Tonga Education Support Program II (TESP II) supports the Education Policy of the Government of Tonga (GoT). It aims to improve equitable access, improve early grade student learning outcomes and strengthen the capacity of the Ministry of Education and Training (MET). It follows on from TESP I (2005-10) funded by World Bank and MFAT and an Interim Program (2011/12) funded by DFAT and MFAT which provided a solid foundation for reforms in curriculum, assessment, and school based management.

TESP II commenced in June 2013 and will conclude in June 2016. It is funded by Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT), with an original commitment of AUD 10.5 million and New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT), with a commitment of TOP 12 million. A total of 4,368,490 was disbursed in the first year of 2013. During 2014 there was no further disbursement by either DFAT or MFAT and, due to delays in implementation of activities in the first year, DFAT’s funding commitment was reduced to AUD 6.5 million.

The purpose of the review is: 1) to provide information that will inform DFAT’s decision about whether to continue to fund basic education in the 2015 Aid Investment Plan; and 2) inform priority actions for MET and development partners (DPs) to achieve the outcomes within the timeframe available and with a view to sustainability of achievements.

The review was undertaken by a team of five comprising two independent consultants (one Team Leader and one recruited by MFAT), two officials from DFAT Canberra office and one representative of GoT. This composition was in line with Partnership Principles to undertake reviews jointly. The in- country component took place from 20-31 July 2015.

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