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Does Melanie Klein's Concept of Internal Objects Relate to Samoan Writings on Internal Structures of the Self? A Phenomenologically-oriented Heuristic Enquiry

Storytelling Group identity Pacific people Samoan people Cultural awareness Samoa

How might the cultures of psychotherapy and Samoa intersect and clash? In order to further understand my own New Zealand-born Samoan identity, I have attempted to ground myself in psychodynamic theory, eliciting questions about my professional identity. As ways of understanding the self and patterns of relating with the world can be viewed through the perspective of Object Relations Theory, this research utilises Melanie Klein's understanding of the internal world to examine traditional Samoan understandings of self. This is an enquiry into the way my [inner and outer] worlds, both psychotherapeutic and my New Zealand-Samoan sense of self, meet, crash and negotiate with each other.

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