Performance Improvement Framework: Review for Manatū Hauora, the Ministry of Health, December 2017

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The Performance Improvement Framework (PIF) helps senior leaders in the State Services lead performance improvement in their agencies and across the system. Users of the framework start with the question: “what is the contribution New Zealand needs from this agency (or sector or system) in the medium term?” They then use the framework to identify the critical gaps and opportunities between the current and desirable future capability and performance.

In 2016 the Lead Reviewers developed a draft Four-year Excellence Horizon for use by the new Executive Leadership Team at the Ministry as it embarked on significant organisational change and implementation of the New Zealand Health Strategy. They conducted the full PIF Review in 2017 when they also updated and confirmed the Four-year Excellence Horizon.

Four-year Excellence Horizon

In undertaking this Performance Improvement Framework (PIF) Review the Lead Reviewers considered: “What is the contribution that New Zealand needs from the Ministry of Health and, therefore, what is the performance challenge? And if the Ministry is to be successful at meeting the performance challenge, what would success look like in four years? And does the Ministry have the change capability to get there?”

This PIF Review highlights there are a number of challenges that the Ministry and its leadership team face. Of importance is how the leadership of the Ministry positions the organisation into the future, as it leads a transformation of the system in response to shifting customer demands for health and disability support services and driven by technological and demographic pressure.

The lead reviewers set out an ambitious four year excellence horizon with the Ministry. A critical focus for the Ministry is strengthening its relationships across the State sector and the Health and Disability System, engaging others in a manner that enlists their support to deliver on its health and wellbeing goals. This is no easy task and it is urgent. The devolved nature of the Health and Disability System means the performance challenge for the Ministry is to effect outcomes at numerous levels throughout the system when it does not hold all the levers to drive that performance.

Strong leadership, challenge, prioritisation and culture change will be required if the Ministry is to make the performance shift that is sought through this review.

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