HealthWest Partnership


Strengthening our health communication systems: pandemic lessons for Melbourne’s west

Effective health communication during the pandemic has been particularly challenging for people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds who live in Melbourne’s west. This review draws upon literature from COVID-19 and other pandemic or emergency responses.

Community conversations: talking about finding work in Australia

The Community Conversations project was created to gather further information on the nature of economic exclusion among refugee and migrant communities in Melbourne’s west, and to source community-informed ideas for reducing barriers to participation.

No longer just an inner city issue: meeting the demand for needles, syringes and Opioid Replacement Therapies (ORTs) across Melbourne's western suburbs

Sufficient access to needles, syringes and opioid replacement therapies (ORTs) across the western suburbs of Melbourne is an important health issue for the people who require these services, the organisations that support their health and welfare and the communities they live in. This document outlines...