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This independent evaluation of the Tonga Business Enterprise Centre (TBEC) has been undertaken to inform future decisions in support of TBEC. It assesses how effectively TBEC has delivered its services and what difference this has made, and makes suggestions and recommendations on improvements to enhance TBEC’s relevance, effectiveness and impact. The evaluation focused on direct engagement with TBEC’s clients, and with key informants from MFAT, the TCCI, TBEC and Government of Tonga ministries. The evaluation findings show that TBEC has continued to meet private sector needs and clients have received considerable value in accessing TBEC’s services. The training programme has reached a significant number of businesses, while the advisory and support programmes have reached considerably fewer businesses but have still helped to address their immediate needs. TBEC’s governance structure has been adequate but it requires strengthening, particularly with regards to management and accountability of funding. Operationally, TBEC has grown as an organisation and continued to function at full capacity. TBEC has gone through an establishment phase followed by an expansion and consolidation phase. In considering its future development, it is timely to consider how it might better meet the needs of microlevel, grassroots businesses; how it can increasingly package its services to meet the needs of its clients in the short, medium and long term; formalising a governance framework which ensures TBEC can operate semi-autonomously from the TCCI; establishing more streamlined reporting processes; and ways to leverage greater engagement with the private sector and with government.

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