Teaching Teachers: The Influences on the Primary Science Pedagogy of First Year Pre-Service Teachers at Two New Zealand Universities

Learning and teaching Training Cultural awareness Primary education School curriculum Preservice teachers New Zealand

This study investigated the influences of teacher educators and university coursework on the primary science pedagogy of first year pre-service teachers at two New Zealand universities. The mixed methods study employed a constructivist and an interprevist lens and evaluated data collected from the Preferred and Actual (pre/post) course Constructivist Learning Environment Survey (CLES), syllabi analyses, and semi-structured interviews. These tools investigated if the primary science learning environments teacher educators created informed the pedagogical approaches of pre-service teachers and worked towards the effective pedagogy practices stated in The New Zealand Curriculum. Descriptive statistics for both universities indicated that pre-service teachers preferred to learn in a critical constructivist environment. Actual CLES results indicated where perceived constructivist principles were weak or strong in the course. Paired-samples t-tests had significant findings (p

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