Kiribati Marine Training Centre (MTC) Institutional Strengthening Project: mid-term review

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The Kiribati Marine Training Centre (MTC) is a locally-based organisation that contributes to economic and social-well being in Kiribati through provision of training for occupations seeking work in the local marine sector.

In 2006 the New Zealand Aid Programme contracted the New Zealand Maritime School (NZMS) to provide institution support and services to the MTC. The aim of this project was to improve the ability of the MTC as a maritime training institution to better contribute to the economic and social well-being and the human resource development of Kiribati. Specifically, the project objectives were to improve: MTCs management and strategic planning capacity; staff skills; the quality, depth and breadth of training services; and to increase participation of women. NZMS was to achieve this by operating as an advisor, facilitator and coordinator, providing MTC with a range of technical inputs, guidance, planning support and capacity building initiatives.

However, recent concerns have been raised about the conduct of graduates aboard international ships, and the safety of women aboard, which need to be addressed. In addition, issues have arisen around number of available job opportunities for graduates since the economic downturn.

The mid-term review was undertaken three years into the five year institutional strengthening project. The purpose of this mid-term review was to determine: 

The extent to which the project has achieved its stated goals and objectives. 

Whether the New Zealand Aid Programme should renew the contract with NZMS to provide support to MTC beyond existing commitments. 

How the project could best support the MTC in the future, given the changing economic and social context.

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