NZAID support to the Global Environment Facility’s Small Grants Programme: final report

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A partnership that was formed between the Small Grants Programme (SGP), a corporate programme of the Global Environment Facility (GEF), and the New Zealand Agency for International Development (NZAID), resulted in the signing of a cost-sharing agreement between the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the launch of the 3-year Small Grants Programme-Pacific Environment Fund (SGP-PEF) in mid-2006. To date NZAID has provided USD 2,970,500 to UNDP under this arrangement. SGP activities in the Pacific are now entering a new phase. The current cost-sharing agreement between NZAID and UNDP-GEF is predicted to conclude operationally on 30 June 2010, with one further year being allocated to enable UNDP to spend all funds.

The purpose of the current review is to assess the effectiveness and relevance of the SGP as a means for NZAID to support community-based environmental management in the Pacific, and to analyse the efficiency of NZAID’s engagement in the SGP. NZAID had determined that it is too early to assess either the wider, deeper and longer-term effects (i.e. impacts) of SGP Pacific, or its sustainability. However, the short- and medium-term effects (i.e. outcomes) of SGP Pacific were assessed, where possible and practicable. Recommendations are made in view of the changing operating environment context, including AusAID becoming a major donor to the SGP by supporting community-based adaptation to climate change through the Mekong and Asia-Pacific Community Based Adaptation Programme (MAP CBA).

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