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Final report of the Independent Review of Government Spectrum Holdings

22 Apr 2008

In 2006 ACMA commissioned SpectrumWise Radiocommunications Consulting to examine the measures required to better achieve an appropriate balance between government and broader community use of the radiofrequency spectrum.

The Review identified 30 individual recommendations for further consideration, some of which are not in the sole remit of ACMA. Three of the major areas identified in the Review relate to:

* increased transparency in the use of spectrum by government bodies;
* the need for increased sharing of government spectrum; and
* increased use of market approaches to improve the management of government spectrum.

These recommendations are, to a large extent, consistent with ACMA?s broader approach to spectrum management.

ACMA invites stakeholders to provide comment on the Review recommendations and preliminary ACMA responses. This feedback will assist ACMA to consider the Review recommendations in further detail and take appropriate action as required.

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