Australian Communications and Media Authority

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COVID-19: Australian news and misinformation longitudinal study

This study examines how and where Australians are getting information about COVID-19, which sources they find trustworthy and their experiences with misinformation. The report extends the understanding around the access, consumption and critical engagement with news and misinformation during the ongoing global pandemic.

ACMA compliance priority 2020–21: online casino services targeting Australians

In 2020–21, one of the ACMA’s compliance priorities focused on illegal online casinos that target Australians. This report examines the actions taken to combat these services and the outcomes.
Annual Report

Australian Communications and Media Authority and Office of the eSafety Commissioner annual reports 2020–21

This report provides details of the ACMA’s and eSafety’s performance for 2020–21, key corporate information, and details against the mandatory reporting requirements.

Communications and media in Australia: how we watch and listen to content

This report explores how Australians watch and listen to online and offline content and services, including the devices used.
Discussion paper

Natural language processing technologies in government: occasional paper

This research explores how emerging technologies could benefit regulatory decision-making. As a central feature, this paper considers technology applications that include ‘natural language processing’, a subset of artificial intelligence that analyses and processes text and speech.