Democratic Audit of Australia

Working paper

Alternative Voting Plus: a proposal for the South Australian House of Assembly

This working paper outlines the case for the South Australian House of Assembly adopting an Alternative voting plus (AV+) voting system and argues that AV+ would represent a genuine attempt at producing a majority government whilst increasing proportionally.
Discussion paper

Not good news: Australia's shrinking media freedoms

Introduction A creeping authoritarianism and a pronounced lack of diversity are making their impact felt on Australia’s already fragile media landscape. Despite Australia’s traditions of freedom and its status as a long-time liberal democracy, its ranking in terms of press freedom has fallen below that...

The forthcoming Queensland election

This discussion paper looks at the forthcoming election in Queensland, including the state of the parties and the current electoral geography. “If the Liberal National Party wins the forthcoming Queensland state election it will be a major watershed for state and national politics,” Prasser writes...