Peter Brent

Peter Brent is a writer and adjunct fellow at Swinburne University.
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Outside the comfort zone

Twitter’s roiling, and even the real world is wondering how the prime minister burned through his political capital so quickly.

Hostage to fortune

No matter how much he wants it, Scott Morrison can never be a unifying mourner-in-chief, writes Peter Brent.

Voting early, voting often?

Leaving aside errors and misunderstandings, Australia doesn’t have a big fraudulent-voting problem. But a little reassurance wouldn’t go amiss.

Yes, the Coalition does have a woman problem

Does the Coalition have a problem with female voters? The polls show a clear trend in how voters are responding.

Does Victoria really have a message for Canberra?

Federal and state factors interacted yesterday, but not in the way you might think, writes Peter Brent.