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Last Saturday the prime minister’s office released a glossy video, “authorised by S. Morrison, Liberal Party, Canberra,” depicting a masterful leader directing armed forces to save a grateful nation in a time of need. Rather than having the desired effect, it crassly played into perceptions that this prime minister is all marketing and no substance.

That brainwave was reminiscent of the Gillard government at its nadir in 2012. Widely perceived as fiscally incompetent and prone to trying to spend its way out of trouble, it attempted to lift its standing with a social media campaign on the new School Kids Bonus, incautiously hashtagged #cashforyou.

While so many Australians are still going through terrible suffering, and with the death and destruction still fresh in our minds, Morrison’s travails are trivial. Yet the prime minister seems to be the only thing that some folks can talk, write or tweet about.

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