The Turnbull government is all but finished, and the Liberals will now need to work out who they are

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A relationship of mutual convenience between Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and the federal Liberal Party is drawing to a close. Each used the other for practical purposes.

Turnbull used the Liberal Party as his vehicle to enter parliamentary politics and become prime minister, having earlier tried but failed to win behind-the-scenes preferment for a Labor seat.

The Liberal Party, in turn, used Turnbull to squeeze out another election win in 2016, papering his face over that of his unpopular predecessor, Tony Abbott, who by mid-election cycle had proven a likely electoral loser.

To become prime minister, Turnbull made himself a willing hostage at the outset to right-wing policies that contradicted his political persona. Early expectations among some that he would use his ascension to drag the federal Coalition towards the centre and some sort of meaningful relationship with the contemporary world gradually expired. Moderate swinging voters became disillusioned.

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