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Federal voter ID laws

Materials from the Gilbert and Tobin Centre of Public Law and Electorial Regulation research network seminar
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On November 5, 2021 the Gilbert and Tobin Centre of Public Law and the Electoral Regulation Research Network held a seminar to discuss the federal government’s recently announced intentions to enact new voter ID requirements for federal elections—a proposal that raises questions of constitutionality and broader democratic policy.

These questions include:

  • Do laws of this kind promote electoral integrity, or ultimately undermine it?;
  • Are they consistent with our system of compulsory voting?; and
  • Do they advance principles of equality, or are they racially discriminatory in effect?

Following on from that seminar this working paper compiles a number of pieces by participants. These materials include:

  • a transcript of the meeting;
  • Dr. Peter Brent’s Inside Story article;
  • Professor Rosalind Dixon’s article from the Sydney Morning Herald;
  • Antony Green’s blog post from Antony Green’s Election Blog;
  • Dr. Dani Larkin’s article from The Conversation;
  • Professor Orr’s article from The Conversation.
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