Centre for International Governance Innovation


Rethinking Canada’s competition policy in a digital economy

In January 2023, international and Canadian experts attended a virtual workshop to explore implications of digital data for markets and rethink the policy frameworks underlying those markets. This report presents the key takeaways from their discussion.
Policy report

Building trust in AI: a landscape analysis of government AI programs

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development’s (OECD’s) website on artificial intelligence (AI) policy (the OECD.AI Policy Observatory) is the world’s best source for information on public policies dedicated to AI, trustworthy AI and international efforts to advance cooperation in AI. The author’s review of...
Case study

Mitigating global fragmentation in digital trade governance: a case study

Digital trade is growing rapidly, and regulators are trying to keep up. This paper looks at how five leading digital economies are using regional trade agreements to address regulatory concerns at the same time as enhancing trade.
Briefing paper

Toward an international agenda to protect the forum internum

In the twenty-first century, new developments in technology are increasingly being designed to get inside our minds and change the way we think. In this paper, the author argues that the United Nations should establish practical frameworks to guarantee our absolute right to freedom of...
Policy report

Rudiments of a space security policy framework

This paper scopes out the broader challenges to space exploration security that have galvanised as a result of space privatisation and fledgling space-based public-private partnerships.