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Enhancing compliance with privacy legislation through standardization

Data fuels the algorithms that run the products and systems people use every day, but without appropriate privacy regulations, data breaches can put users at risk. This paper proposes creating a Canadian privacy Regulatory Authority Advisory Body that would set privacy standards and ensure compliance...

Valuing data: where are we, and where do we go next?

The importance of data as a driver of technological advancement cannot be underestimated, but how can it be measured? This paper looks at measuring the value of data in national accounts using three different categories of data-related assets: data itself, databases and data science.
Policy report

Addressing the liability gap in AI accidents

When a device controlled by artificial intelligence (AI) is involved in an accident causing bodily harm, who is at fault? The manufacturer, software developer or the user? This policy brief looks at the challenges in determining who is at fault when AI goes awry and...

Canada needs its "New Approach" to streamline digital rulemaking

Canada’s current approach to rule-making is not keeping pace with the deployment of new digital technologies. This paper proposes to modernise the Statutory Instruments Act to bridge that gap, suggesting that mandatory standards, technical specifications and conformity assessment programs should be recognised as statutory instruments...

Supporting safer digital spaces

The objective of this research was to create policy and legal recommendations to better protect vulnerable and marginalised populations, in particular women and LGBTQ+ people, from identity-based online harms.

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