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COVID-19 Australian government roles and responsibilities: an overview

The COVID-19 pandemic remains a constantly evolving situation and the Australian government’s response involves a diverse range of activities and measures undertaken by a variety of Australian Public Service departments and agencies.

Liquid fuel security: a quick guide – May 2020 update

This quick guide is designed to answer some of the common questions regarding liquid fuel security in Australia. It also contains a list of key resources to provide context and assist understanding of this long-running issue.

Australian COVID-19 response management arrangements: a quick guide

Whole-of-government arrangements have been developed that are designed to be applicable in any emergency or crisis. This quick guide explains these arrangements, setting out the decision-making and advisory bodies that implement the various crisis and pandemic plans.

National emergency and disaster response arrangements in Australia: a quick guide

Each Australian state and territory has generic emergency and disaster response legislation which authorises officials to declare emergencies in a variety of circumstances and make orders to deal with an emergency. This guide explains the arrangements for the response phase, and identifies the various decision-making...

Australian pandemic response planning: a quick guide

Australia has a series of standing health emergency plans, ordered from high level policy down to operational detail. Under these plans, state and territory governments have primary responsibility for the management of communicable disease emergencies. This guide explains these arrangements, setting out the plans (and...