Parliamentary Library (Australia)


The 2019 federal election

This paper provides an overview of the 2019 federal election, including the results, the political environment, and the major features of the campaign.

COVID-19 in the region: a quick guide

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic across Australia’s immediate region is still unfolding. This guide represents a snapshot of the situation as at early June 2020.

COVID-19 Australian government roles and responsibilities: an overview

The COVID-19 pandemic remains a constantly evolving situation and the Australian government’s response involves a diverse range of activities and measures undertaken by a variety of Australian Public Service departments and agencies.

Liquid fuel security: a quick guide – May 2020 update

This quick guide is designed to answer some of the common questions regarding liquid fuel security in Australia. It also contains a list of key resources to provide context and assist understanding of this long-running issue.

Australian COVID-19 response management arrangements: a quick guide

Whole-of-government arrangements have been developed that are designed to be applicable in any emergency or crisis. This quick guide explains these arrangements, setting out the decision-making and advisory bodies that implement the various crisis and pandemic plans.