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Flagpost is a blog on current issues of interest to members of the Australian Parliament.

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The impact of COVID-19 on Australian higher education and overseas students—what do the numbers say?

This post provides an overview of some key data to understand the status of the higher education sector prior to COVID-19, and the emerging impact of the pandemic.
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COVID-19 and private health insurance

The COVID-19 pandemic presents both opportunities and challenges to private health insurers, with short-term and long-term impacts and questions being raised about its role and relevance during this time.
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Online political communication—does this post need to be authorised?

While it seems unlikely that unaware members of the public will face big fines from the AEC for their political Facebook posts, voters, donors and campaigners should familiarise themselves with the new rules, writes Damon Muller.
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New Zealand and Federation

While New Zealand participated in the Australasian Federation Conference convened in Melbourne in 1890, it had little real enthusiasm for the prospect of federating with the Australian colonies. Dianne Heriot explains.
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Community attitudes towards violence against women

The National Community Attitudes toward Violence against Women Survey (NCAS) is the world’s longest-running survey of community attitudes towards violence against women. Results from the latest survey are mixed; levels of awareness have generally risen but there are still areas of concern.