Penny Vandenbroek

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Identity matters: sexual identity in Australia

This article provides some statistics on sexual identity in Australia.
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Snapshot of women in the Australian workforce, 2021

This article provides a brief overview of women’s participation in the Australian workforce, providing some key rates with age breakdowns, part-time employment rates, employment status and involvement in leadership roles.
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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples at work

This article provides a snapshot of employment by a range of characteristics, as well as some earlier data from a comparable ABS source. Figures in this article refer to people aged 15 to 74 years, unless otherwise specified.
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Measuring overlap between the unemployed and people 'on the dole'

This article demonstrates the care required when interpreting ‘job seeker’ data, as this term can relate to a number of different groups covered by a range of data sources.

Australian earnings data: a quick guide

This quick guide provides information on sources available for Australian earnings data, drawing on data from the ABS and other sources.