Waste Stream Mapping: Opportunities for the Greater Capital Region

1 Jan 2013

The ACT Government, NSW Government, South East Regional Organisation of Councils (SEROC), and South Inlands Regional Development Authority have initiated a joint project mapping waste in south east of NSW and the ACT region and looking at opportunities for new business developments in resource recovery and recycling.

In the Greater Capital Region there are a number of data collections for waste management and waste products. However the data is not collected in a consistent manner, has not been inclusive of ACT data collections and has not been analysed in a way that sees waste as a 'new resource' forenhancing development outcomes in non-metropolitan areas through transformative re-engineering.

This Waste Stream Mapping project aims to assist the Greater Capital Region utilise the relatively untapped resource which the various waste streams offer. Through this project the region sought to achieve the following objectives:

  • Map the waste stream hierarchy in the Greater Capital Region utilising existing waste data and recycling activities;
  • Identify business and economic development opportunities and their region-wide benefits that could be achieved, either through improved coordination of collection and / or aggregation of waste management across the region
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