Can AI predict crime?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Crime Crime prevention

Could an artificial intelligence predict a crime before it happens, and provide authorities with precise information about when and where and who is about to commit a crime?

Computer scientists are already working on this kind of technology and the first trails are underway.

But should we trust AI to decide who is a criminal and what defines a crime?

Future crime: Detection and Prevention presented by the Royal Institution of Great Britain. 8 May 2018


Gloria Laycock - Professor of Crime Science in the Engineering Sciences Faculty; Director of the Jill Dando Institute of Security and Crime Science, University College London

Mark Girolami - Chair of Statistics, Department of Mathematics and Professor of Computing Science, Department of Computing, Imperial College London

Adrian Weller - Senior Research Fellow in Machine Learning, University of Cambridge; Programme Director for Artificial Intelligence, The Alan Turing Institute

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