Victorian Ombudsman


Investigations into allegations of nepotism in government schools

This report draws attention to a problem that has become a regular subject of ‘public interest disclosures’ to the Ombudsman – nepotism in government schools. It highlights the need for school principals and staff to check and follow integrity obligations, and the need for public...

Investigation into three councils’ outsourcing of parking fine internal reviews

This investigation raises some fundamental issues about accountability and transparency. At least five councils outsourced internal reviews of parking fines to a private contractor over a period of 10 years.

Investigation of matters referred from the Legislative Assembly on 8 August 2018

The Victorian Ombudsman was asked by the Victorian Parliament’s Legislative Assembly to investigate MPs’ knowledge of, and involvement in, fraudulent activity undertaken by former Liberal State Director, Damien Mantach, between 2010 and 2015. This report outlines the Ombudsman's findings.

WorkSafe 2: Follow-up investigation into the management of complex workers compensation claims

This investigation looked at the compensation and support provided to people injured at work in Victoria, particularly those with complex injuries. This follows an earlier investigation by the Ombudsman in 2016, which found the scheme had failed some particularly vulnerable people.

Revisiting councils and complaints

This report revisits an issue the Ombudsman first examined five years ago – how local councils handle complaints from the public. It looks at how councils have changed their practices and what more can be done to ensure they continue to improve their approach.