Victorian Ombudsman

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Operation Watts

This joint investigation, conducted by IBAC and the Victorian Ombudsman, was initiated following allegations of serious corrupt conduct involving Victorian public officers, including Members of Parliament. The joint investigation examined a range of matters, including allegations of misuse of electorate offices, ministerial office staff and...

Investigation into decision-making under the Victorian Border Crossing Permit Directions

This investigation focused on the Victorian Department of Health’s decision-making processes and use of discretion under the Victorian Border Crossing Permit Directions. It was relevant to consider the timeline leading to the designation of NSW and the ACT as an ‘extreme risk zone’ and more...

The Ombudsman for human rights: a casebook

This casebook presents a snapshot of the thousands of matters involving people’s human rights seen by the Victorian Ombudsman's office each year. They illustrate the rights of children and families, kinship carers, injured workers, activists and prisoners, and of everyday Victorians.

Investigation into how local councils respond to ratepayers in financial hardship

In recent years, the Victorian Ombudsman has heard concerns from ratepayers, financial counsellors and community lawyers about the way local councils treat people who cannot afford their council rates. This investigation focused on council hardship relief for homeowners (ratepayers who cannot pay rates on their...

Investigation into the detention and treatment of public housing residents arising from a COVID-19 ‘hard lockdown’ in July 2020

The timing of the lockdown of the North Melbourne and Flemington public housing towers on 4 July 2020 was not based on direct health advice and violated Victorian human rights laws, this investigation by the Victorian Ombudsman has found.