Cultural funding by government, Australia, 2007-08


28 Aug 2009

This publication contains estimates of Australian public funding for arts and cultural activities, facilities and services across the three levels of government for 2007-08.

Detailed expenditure by local governments for heritage and arts cultural activities, facilities and services is provided for the first time in this issue and is presented in a separate table in the data cube. For local governments, expenditure for the 2006-07 year has also been included.

The survey of Cultural Funding by Government, 2007-08 collected information on operational and capital expenditure by Australian and state government departments (including selected authorities, corporations and councils) for heritage and arts cultural activities, facilities and services.

Total government funding for cultural activities was $6.3 billion in 2007-08 ($6,311.4m). The Australian Government contributed $2,358.9m (37.4%) to total cultural funding while the state and territory governments contributed $2,952.2m (46.8%) and local governments provided $1,000.3m (15.8%).

Environmental heritage was the largest recipient of funds, with funding of over $1.4 billion ($1,466.4m) or 27.6% of total cultural funding from the Australian Government and state and territory governments combined. The other major recipient of Australian and state and territory government funding in 2007-08 was Radio and television services at over $1.3 billion ($1,355.0m) representing 25.5% of Australian and state government cultural funding. Libraries received $1,036.4m or 16.4% of total funding, including $653.4m from local government while Other museums and cultural heritage received $630.4m (10.0%).

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