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Blockchain is a tool to standardise the regulatory process that serves the policy purposes better. A blockchain provides guidelines to help policymakers to respond to rapid changes in technologies, etc. 

The forum is about a strategic discussion on the potential benefits and risks of blockchain for our economies and societies, and what governments should do to realise this potential. This conversation set the scene for the forum in demonstrating the readiness of policymakers to leverage this technology to improve the design, implementation and impact of public policy initiatives.

The importance of emerging technologies which will drive the digital transformation further – in particular, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and blockchain can contribute to a more inclusive and sustainable economy through its use in areas like migration, health, energy, transport, agriculture and developments; land, properties, buildings, etc. It is essential to building an understanding in the policy community by blockchain to identify the impacts this technology could have across a wide range of fields and for specific policy outcomes, and articulating the role of governments and international organisations in helping economies and societies adapt.

The panel of discussion include: 

1. Master of ceremony Anne McElvoy, Editor, The Economist

2. Opening remarks Angel Gurría, Secretary-General OECD

3. Address by Pravind Kumar Jugnauth, Prime Minister Republic of Mauritius

4. High-Level Panel Ana Brnabić, Prime Minister, Serbia

5. David Burt, Premier of Bermuda

6. Tadej Slapnik, State Secretary of Slovenia and incoming Chair of the European Blockchain Hub’s Advisory Council

The webcast and podcast happened on 4th Sept 2018, from 09:00 until 10:00. 


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