Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)


Enhancing the security of communication infrastructure

While digital security ultimately depends on the decisions made by private actors (e.g. network operators and their suppliers), this report underlines the role governments can play to enhance the digital security of communication networks.
Policy report

Public procurement performance: a framework for measuring efficiency, compliance and strategic goals

This paper provides a comprehensive, ready-to-use performance measurement framework for the consistent assessment of procurement processes. The framework should also support data-based policy and decision-making in public procurement.
Policy report

Policy integration and child well-being: what can countries do to become more effective?

This report takes stock of OECD countries’ recent initiatives to strengthen the integration of child well-being policies. It lays out some of the challenges facing countries as they work to push the child well-being policy agenda forward and discusses what countries can do to become...
Policy report

Enhancing school improvement reform in New South Wales (Australia)

This report presents an in-depth assessment and offers concrete recommendations for enhancing the design and implementation of the NSW Department of Education's school improvement and broader education reform agenda.

The Compliance Without Borders handbook

This handbook describes an innovative peer-learning programme – Compliance Without Borders – and its contributions to strengthening anti-corruption compliance in state-owned enterprises. It explains the benefits of galvanising the private sector to work with their state-owned counterparts in preventing corruption and levelling the playing field.