Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)

Policy report

OECD Good practice principles for public service design and delivery in the digital age

The digital age provides great opportunities to transform how public services are designed and delivered. This publication provides a clear, actionable and comprehensive set of objectives for the high-quality digital transformation of public services.

Communication regulators of the future

This report explores the critical role communication regulators play in an increasingly connected society.

Enhancing online disclosure effectiveness

Online disclosures can play a key role in informing consumer decisions. However, cognitive limitations, such as information overload, as well as technical ones, such as small screen sizes on mobile devices, may limit their effectiveness. This report supports consumer authorities in enhancing disclosure effectiveness by...
Policy report

Misinformation and disinformation: an international effort using behavioural science to tackle the spread of misinformation

This paper outlines some key behavioural insights to help improve policy responses to stop the spread of mis- and dis-information.

Security of the Domain Name System (DNS): an introduction for policy makers

The Domain Name System (DNS) underpins the very functioning of the Internet and today’s global economy. This report focuses on DNS security - the area of cybersecurity that covers incidents disrupting the availability, integrity and confidentiality of parts of the DNS ecosystem.