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Broadband bundling: trends and policy implications

While there can be significant benefits for consumers who take broadband bundles, the complexity of communication offers and bundles has made it increasingly difficult to understand and compare service prices and characteristics. Bundling can provide both benefits and drawbacks to broadband customers. In general, bundled...

The role of Internet services providers in botnet mitigation

Botnets – networks of machines infected with malicious software – are widely regarded as a critical security threat. Measures that directly address the end users who own the infected machines are useful, but have proven insufficient to reduce the overall problem. Recent studies have shifted...

Greener and smarter: ICTs, the environment and climate change

Information and communication technologies (ICTs) are a key enabler of “green growth” in all sectors of the economy. They are a key part of government strategies for a sustainable economic recovery. “Greener and smarter” ICTs include ICTs with better environmental performance than previous generations (direct...