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Policy report

Emerging privacy-enhancing technologies: current regulatory and policy approaches

This report examines privacy-enhancing technologies (PETs), which are digital solutions that allow information to be collected, processed, analysed and shared while protecting data confidentiality and privacy. The report reviews recent technological advancements and evaluates the effectiveness of different types of PETs, as well as the...
Working paper

Distributional effects of urban transport policies to discourage car use: a literature review

This paper takes stock of scientific findings to date regarding the distributional effects of policies discouraging car use in urban areas. These policies include cordon tolls, distance-based charges, fuel taxes, parking measures and public transport subsidies.
Policy report

Engaging young citizens: civic education practices in the classroom and beyond

This paper draws on evidence from several OECD publications and beyond to explore and highlight select examples of successful, child-centred civic learning practices which strengthen the democratic skills, values and knowledge of students.
Working paper

Options for assessing and comparing climate change mitigation policies across countries

Other authors
Tobias Kruse, Yannick Hemmerlé
This working paper reviews different methods for assessing and comparing across countries the impact of climate change mitigation policies and policy packages on emissions.

A blueprint for building national compute capacity for artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming economies and promising new opportunities for productivity, growth and resilience. This report provides the first blueprint for policy-makers to help assess and plan for the national AI compute capacity needed to enable productivity gains and capture AI’s full economic potential.