INN Index: the state of nonprofit news - 2018 survey report

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No longer a novelty, nonprofit news has established itself over the past decade as a fast-growing field within journalism, producing original and in-depth reporting, according to the most comprehensive collection yet of data about its scope and composition.

The more than 180 members of the Institute for Nonprofit News have a total estimated staff of about 3,000 — including nearly 2,200 journalists — and combined annual revenue approaching $350 million.

They share with legacy media knotty challenges around audience development, distribution and finding new sources of revenue to support their reporting. But the field is starting to develop multiple sources of funding and diverse revenue strategies to fit the range in their missions and the types of communities they serve.

This INN Index is based on in-depth surveys of 88 news organizations and data from the full INN membership. All are 501(c)3 nonprofits whose primary mission is journalism, which can be characterized by their focus on original reporting and commitment to standards of editorial independence and transparency.


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