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Socialising parking: public opportunities via regulated market approaches

Market-based car parking policy is one of key fulcrums of transformational change towards sustainable and ethical urban futures. This paper examines parking policy approaches in Japanese cities that might broaden the possibilities of parking approaches and the urban relations they (re)produce.

Nursing homes at the centre of the coronavirus pandemic

Lesley Russell looks at the dire impact of the coronavirus pandemic on nursing homes, how this might have been avoided, and what needs to be done in the future.

Mitigating the new Cold War: managing US-China trade, tech and geopolitical conflict

This report draws out the risks — and likely consequences — for a system already in a state of flux, as the transition to a post-American world accelerates and the coronavirus wreaks havoc on the world economy and international trade.
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The evolution of lean construction education (part 1 of 2): At US-based universities

Effectively transferring lean knowledge and skills to owners, architects, engineers, and constructors (OAEC) requires behavioral changes within an industry that has been legitimately criticized for entrenched practices and low productivity. Documenting how successful that knowledge transfer is taking place can be helpful to those wishing...
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An exploration of compatibility of U.S. Army culture and Lean Construction

The culture of the United States Army has evolved significantly over the course of the service of the present generation of Soldiers. Through the implementation of Lean Management practices, and Six Sigma measurement and analysis tools, Army leaders are more able to competently perform a...

Review of Lean Design Management: Processes, methods and technologies

Lean Design Management (LDM) has been used by lean practitioners to manage the design process in construction. Several methods, processes and tools have been successfully implemented, such as the Last Planner System (LPS), Target Value Design (TVD), Set-Based Design and Design Structure Matrix. However, despite...
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7 critical Lean Construction software features

Many leaders in the construction industry are investing in technology to support the organization's improvement efforts and to ensure the spread of the Lean mindset. Those who choose the right solution and implement it successfully have found that it has a significant impact on their...
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Our best 6 tips for implementing Lean Construction

Many leaders in the construction industry recognize that they can reduce costs, improve safety, deliver more value, and adhere to budgets by applying the tools and techniques that have been popular in healthcare and manufacturing for so long.
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A quick guide to Lean Construction

The construction industry has benefited from applying and adapting the fundamental principles of Lean. Construction is a unique industry with each project being unlike the last. That's why agile thinking, effective communications, and extensive collaboration are necessary to maximize value.
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6 Principles of Lean Construction

A growing number of construction firms are embracing the Lean methodology that emphasizes maximizing value for the customer while minimizing waste. There are a number of tools that can be used in combination to achieve lean, giving practitioners a wide range of options that can...