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Relationships between metropolitan, satellite and regional city size, spatial context and economic productivity

This report considers evidence about the existence and scale of agglomeration economies, including in Australian cities. It examines whether city size affects productivity, and whether economic productivity, city size and rising housing costs are interdependent.

Indigenous data sovereignty and policy

This book examines how Indigenous peoples around the world are demanding greater data sovereignty, and challenging the ways in which governments have historically used Indigenous data to develop policies and programs.

Waste not, want not: reducing food loss and waste in North America through life cycle-based approaches

This report examines ways in which life cycle thinking and related tools, such as life cycle assessment, can be used to inform effective policymaking, aimed at reducing food loss and waste.
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Brokering community–campus partnerships: an analytical framework

Academic institutions and community-based organizations have increasingly recognized the value of working together to meet their different objectives and address common societal needs. In an effort to support the development and maintenance of these partnerships, a diversity of brokering initiatives has emerged. We describe these...

The changing institutions of private rental housing: an international review

What lessons can be drawn from institutional change in private rental sectors (PRSs) internationally which could enhance the equity, efficiency and effectiveness of the sector in Australia, particularly to improve outcomes for low-income tenants?

Reason, repentance, and the individual: recovering the religious roots of Western civilisation

This paper argues that the West cannot remain the West if it becomes indifferent or hostile to its religious heritage.

Acton lecture 2017: civic virtues and the politics of ‘full drift ahead'

Law professor, cultural observer and theorist on religion and pluralism, Prof Iain Benson, will offer some insights and guidance on steps he argues are essential for education, justice and politics in our time.

Global and regional sea level rise scenarios for the United States

Executive summary The Sea Level Rise and Coastal Flood Hazard Scenarios and Tools Interagency Task Force, jointly convened by the U.S. Global Change Research Program (USGCRP) and the National Ocean Council (NOC), began its work in August 2015. The Task Force has focused its efforts...

Every step you fake: a comparative analysis of fitness tracker privacy and security

Introduction Canadians, and many people around the world, are increasingly purchasing, and using, electronic devices meant to capture and record the relative levels of a person’s fitness.

America's youngest outcasts: a report card on child homelessness

Executive Summary America’s Youngest Outcasts reports on child homelessness in the United States based on the most recent federal data that comprehensively counts homeless children, using more than 30 variables from over a dozen established data sets.

The Australia 'low taxing country' myth

This report argues that, when comparing 'like for like' taxation burdens, Australia is among the top bracket of highest taxing countries in the world. Executive summary Australia has become one of the highest taxed countries in the world. With the imposition of the deficit levy...

American declinism

Summary Americans have a long history of predicting the demise of their nation, only to be proven wrong. However, with a gridlocked government and the rise of China, some observers believe the United States may actually be entering a period of long-term decline.

Will the DREAM of US immigration reform become reality in 2014?

VIVIENNE McLean is torn. “I go to every march, I come to every meeting, I sign every petition,” the silver-haired activist tells me, laying out her credentials as an advocate on behalf of the estimated 11.7 million undocumented migrants in the United States. “But I...
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Major project development assessment processes

Major projects are a vital source of Australia’s future prosperity. They lift national income, create employment opportunities, raise productivity and generate revenue for governments. However, they can also have negative impacts on community amenity, the environment, public health and our heritage assets. Australian governments regulate...

Parliament: a quick guide to key internet links

This Quick Guide provides direct links to key websites, information and documents relating to: Australia’s Vice Regal arrangements Parliament of the Commonwealth of Australia Parliaments of the States and Territories Overseas parliaments Overseas parliamentary organisations.

The diagnosis difference

This paper explores how US adults with chronic health conditions gather, share, and create health information, both online and offline. The paper finds a “diagnosis difference” that is tied to several aspects of health care and technology use. For example, holding other variables constant (including...

Gateway to the Indo-Pacific: Australian defense strategy and the future of the Australia-U.S. alliance

This report examines the state of the U.S.-Australia military alliance, detailing the geopolitical shifts currently underway in Australia’s immediate neighborhood and outlining the extent to which these developments signal the advent of a new era.
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How are population-based funding formulae for healthcare composed?

Population-based funding formulae act as an important means of promoting equitable health funding structures.
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Global policing and the case of Kim Dotcom

Abstract: In early 2012, 76 heavily armed police conducted a raid on a house in Auckland, New Zealand. The targets were Kim Dotcom, a German national with a NZ residency visa, and several colleagues affiliated with Megaupload, an online subscription-based peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing facility...