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Adopted in 2008 following extensive community consultation, Sustainable Sydney 2030 expressed the community’s vision and the City’s commitment to the sustainable development of our city to 2030 and beyond. Sustainable development is not just about the physical environment. It is also about the economy, society and culture. Addressing each of these areas, with bold ideas and good governance, will result in better outcomes for our current and future communities. Sustainable Sydney 2030 is a plan for a green, global and connected city.

Sustainable Sydney 2030 is the City’s highest level strategic plan, and is updated every four years. All the City’s work follows from this plan – our strategies and action plans set out the commitments, projects and services we need to achieve this. These strategies and plans are developed in consultation with the community and exhibited for public feedback. This document includes a list of recent strategies and plans.

This updated plan ensures we can continue to realise the shared vision for our city in 2030. It takes stock of our achievements and responds to feedback we’ve received from our community over the last four years. It also accounts for changes in federal and NSW government policies and commitments and long-term economic, social, cultural and environmental trends and challenges.

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