Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (SA)

Discussion paper

Discussion paper on proposed changes to renewable energy policy in the Planning and Design Code

This discussion paper outlines proposed changes to renewable energy policy in the Planning and Design Code. The paper proposes new planning policies for South Australia’s renewable energy sector, ahead of public consultation on the Planning and Design Code later this year.
Discussion paper

Reforming local government in South Australia: discussion paper

This discussion paper proposes reforms to local government legislation. Some of the key reforms proposed include a new conduct management framework for council members, an expanded role for council audit committees, and improvements to regulation to reduce councils’ costs.
Draft report

Summary of the draft state planning policies for South Australia

The consultation period for public debate and input on these policies is an opportunity for discussion and improvement, in an attempt to ensure that the new, state planning policies will provide a clear vision for planning and development across South Australia.

Railway crossing safety strategy

This strategy document outlines a more integrated approach to managing South Australia's road and rail network and improving safety at railway crossings.

The 30-year plan for greater Adelaide

The 30-year plan for Greater Adelaide was aimed at guiding population and economic growth, particularly in respect of land use, transport and infrastructure. It was revised in 2017.