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In summary: 

1. As a result of Colombia’s new green codes, buildings are expected to consume 10 to 45 percent less energy and water. These reductions will avoid nearly 190,000 metric tons of greenhouse-gas emissions by 2021, helping big cities like Bogota achieve a goal to reduce 2019’s greenhouse-gas emissions by 16 percent compared to 2007.2,3

2. Colombia is among the top 20 fastest growing markets in terms of construction spending,signifying that implementation of the green building code can make a substantial impact, particularly in expanding urban areas.4

3. By identifying implementation strategies tailored to local climate conditions, Colombia's green buildings code helps avoid significant additions to construction costs, illustrating the economic viability and potential for global replication.

4. IFC provides countries with cost-benefit methodology and global expertise for the development of green building codes, including information on best practices developed in other countries such as Vietnam, Bangladesh, and the Philippines that are helping countries like Colombia implement its their own green building regulations.

5. This advisory project has put together the first regulatory framework in Colombia and all of Latin America that is helping promote energy efficiency and water conservation in building construction.

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