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Greening construction: the role of carbon pricing

This report examines how to design effective carbon pricing mechanisms (CPMs) for the construction industry. It specifically explores how CPMs can be designed better to more effectively account for emissions from the construction value chain (CVC)

Toolkit: Enabling investment with energy efficiency policies

The slides were to teach the fundamentals of energy efficiency policies that can be used to reduce energy use in buildings and how energy efficiency policies can enable effective investment and finance for energy efficiency in buildings.

Creating markets for climate business: an IFC climate investment opportunities report

The climate challenge is an opportunity - one in which the private sector is ready to invest. Businesses are increasingly finding innovative solutions to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions at a profit in sectors like renewable energy, climate-smart agriculture (CSA), green buildings, and sustainable transport, while generating...

Promoting sustainable skylines

In summary: 1. As a result of Colombia’s new green codes, buildings are expected to consume 10 to 45 percent less energy and water. These reductions will avoid nearly 190,000 metric tons of greenhouse-gas emissions by 2021, helping big cities like Bogota achieve a goal...

Samoa: gender and investment climate reform assessment

This report is one of six gender and investment climate reform assessments undertaken in six Pacific nations including Samoa. The report analyses gender-based investment climate barriers which constrain private sector development and identifies solutions to address them. Six investment climate areas are considered: public private...