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PNNL’s recommendations on changes to the VBEEC

12 Jan 2016

Buildings currently account for over 35% of Vietnam’s total energy consumption. Buildings codes could result in 30-40% buildings energy savings. The Vietnam Building Energy Code (VBEEC) was introduced in 2013 and now scheduled for revision in 2016.

In 2016, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) provided the following key recommendations for the revision of the Vietnam Building Energy Efficiency Code (VBEEC):

  1. Decreasing the size limit of buildings, for which compliance with the VBEEC is required. The VBEEC currently requires compliance for buildings over 2500 square meters, while most Vietnamese buildings fall under this threshold. Lowering the threshold gradually with a planned schedule will help adjust market expectation.
  2. Addressing how (if) renovations, additions, operations, and maintenance are to be covered in the VBEEC.
  3. Revising the lighting equipment performance requirements to disallow incandescent lighting and magnetic ballasts.
  4. Revising the lighting controls section to expand the areas in which occupancy controls are required.
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