This report card assesses how much progress has been made on a national level since 2008, when the National Youth Commission inquiry into youth homelessness published Australia's Homeless Youth. The report drew on evidence from public hearings held around Australia, written submissions and the evidence from research. Following this, the Australian Government issued its 2008 White Paper, The Road Home: A National Approach to Reducing Homelessness

This report card assess the progress of ten strategic areas that the National Youth Commission highlighted in 2008:

  1. Develop and Implement a National Framework and National Homelessness Action Plan
  2. Affordable housing for young people
  3. Refocus service provision on building and resourcing ‘communities of services’
  4. Prevent homelessness by supporting ‘at-risk’ families
  5. Resource early intervention for ‘at-risk’ young people
  6. A new national approach for the care and protection of children in all states and territories
  7. Ensure supported accommodation is accessible in all communities
  8. Redevelop employment, D&A and mental health programs for homeless young people
  9. A new form of youth housing which links housing to education, training and employment programs
  10. Post-vention support
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